I'm Evan...

I am a visual artist and a graphic designer. I grew up in Baghdad, Iraq, of Assyrian descent, and currently live and work in Stuttgart, Germany. After finishing my studies at the Johannes Gutenberg School in Stuttgart in 2016, I dedicated myself fully to my passion for art. I strongly believe that my paintings can powerfully express my feelings, challenges and thoughts and connect with people in a way that words cannot.
My art is a reflection of my imagination and a testament to the transformative and inspirational power of art. My work covers a wide range of subjects that are deeply meaningful to me, such as music, myth, the human soul and faith. I often use a striking contrast of light and shadow and white and black, using a misty and smoky style against a black background to create a sense of mystery and a mesmerising effect.
Above all, I feel that I was born to create and to be unique.


International Exhibition
Karlsruhe, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany

In art we trust
Stuttgart, Germany


Touched Untouched
Stuttgart, Germany